Day 27 – Goodbye Pacific


Start: 10:45 / Arrival: 19:45
Distance: 66km / Gained height 500 hm

Quick departure from Keelung with convenience store breakfast. Passed the military base again and saw some trucks. Rode beautifully on dedicated bicycle infrastructure along the pacific…

(note to myself, maybe doing this clockwise isn’t a good idea, as the cycle path is designed counterclockwise, which we luckily did)

Came to the “Queen’s head” – a geological park, but we were just interested in the sand/metal stones near the street and the souvenirshops 😉

Further along the Pacific with an amazing view on Keelung Island. Really nice to ride. Meanwhile had a coffee on the roadside to chill.

Then took some quiet road and arrived at Taiwans most northern point, with a lighthouse. Only saw it from the distance, as it would have required some steps to take, but anyway, finished the north as well!

Along it is some great fishmarket, with quite funny roofs. Wow, to what they offered…

Decided there on going just for some additional 11kms to stay the night at the pacific. The way to the Qianshuiwan seaside park was also great, along some seaside hiking path. Arriving at our destination first ate something at a beach restaurant and watched the sundown on the Pacific.

Then checked out our hostel, which should have been just on the rear of the restaurant. Well, closed door, no sign of anyone in it, no bell. Contacted the owner online and then it sort of escalated. Took us frustrated 80 minutes, filled with communication via calls, line, sms and messages. The owner didn’t speak any english, her daughter entered the stage, they didn’t got our mandarine line messages – all aboutna key, which obviously wasn’t there…meanwhile she proposed to come over, which she didn’t….hell yeah😂

Finally we gave up, decided to ride another 11kms to Tamsui and had our latest checkin….

But, maybe this was a good decision, Tamsui is really nice and lively with its many very small alleys. Chilled later at the Tamsui river and wrote the blog.

After Bettina went to bed, I sat for another while at river and walked with big eyes through the small alleys again…

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