Day 02 – Taipei – Taiwan Funk


Build the bicycle together in the heat and went for a test ride, everything is fine, no damage from the flight.

Had a beef noodle soup for lunch with Sky and Kuan-You, afterwards went with them to a department store. It had a small but incredible selection of old taiwanese Psych and Funk records from the 60s/70s, so couldn’t resist and went berserk.

After some research on these (only one had a Discogs entry), Kuan-You and I went for the Shilin nightmarket to have loads of interesting food. Giant octopus arms, quill eggs, medicine soup and oyster omelette. On the way back home we sneaked into an impressive 5 star hotel…

After returning to the hostel, I hung around with Aya from Kyoto up deep into the night. She is working for Nada Studio since 20 years and told me a lot about japanese society. Living shortly abroad long time ago, Aya was also glad to revive her english and me happy to finally know how the japanese words I know are really pronounced.

Ouch, even pronounced Studio Ghibli wrong…

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