Day 10 – Taitung to Dawu – Relaxing at the harbour


Start: 09:30 / 63 km / 450 hm

Got up early, because I didn’t know how long this day would be in kilometers. Had a very nice organic congee at the hotel, I would say this was the best breakfast at a hotel along the whole trip.

During this time and while preparing , I noticed some military manoeuvre. For one hour or so, jet fighters were flying really low above the city. So low, you could even the the sign on the wings, so loud it was frightening. This was the second time I experienced such thing here. Reminds me a little bit of the Starfighter manoeuvres when I was young. But this time it was directly over a big city.

In terms of riding, this was a less inspiring ride. Just a big road along the ocean. I was riding on the right side of the road, so couldn’t even see so much of the ocean. Thought this section would be flat, but it had very long stretched ramps. There were many road works, so the road was narrow and you had coaches and trucks behind you, either waiting or simply overtaking. Not so comfortable and frightening.

On one bit – while climbing up, some truck in the opposite traffic overtook another one. Just leaving 50 cm between death and me. Hope this asshole will get lifetime diarrhoea for this. As I had just seen some accident the day before between a scooter and a bus (at least noticing that there were none speculators, unlike in Germany) – I got fed up.


Being tired after just 60km and above situation, this made my decision clearer on how far to go. So stopped at Dawu, saw that there is a the nice seafood restaurant and a harbour – decision made. Also the accommodation at the surfer spot I originally wanted to go looked a little bit to stereotypical…think of Max the owner posing with ‘hang loose’ gesture…

So booked a cheap room online in this small village, went shortly to a near by lake and dropped my luggage.

Then spent some time at the harbour, really liked it. My father went to sea, so a small fisher harbour is more than satisfying for me. Had some huge portion of fried oysters and rice with shrimp at the restaurant, before finally hanging around at the harbour until darkness.

Finally finished the day with a beer on the balcony of my stay. This homestay proofed to be also really nice – due to the old lady who ran it being more than  kind and helpful.

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