Day 12 – Kenting – Day at the sea – waiting for Yutu to stop


Just took a rest day for the legs and also to wait for the heavy winds to stop.

This was an incredible windy day, white noise in the ears all day, also having to hold everything you’re taking with you. Yutu (the taifun) is far away, but still never experienced such strong winds.

First cleaned the bicycle from the gritty sands at a car wash. High pressure water to the rescue, a matter of minutes.

Then chilled at the beach, doing some route planning. So far I’m good in time, but will have one day less in Taipei. Nevertheless it looks like I could spend my birthday at Sun Moon lake, maybe and hopefully Kuan-You will join me there for a small ride around the lake.

Then went down the main street, which was way more silent due to the heavy winds. Had some tasty scallops and mussels, takoyaki for 1€ and finally some oden from the convenience store.

Also passed a stray dog, which got locked into a konbini. Guess he was seeking shelter because of the winds.

Speaking of stray dogs, later spent the rest of the evening in front of the hotel. There were several ‘attacks’ of the neighbouring stray dogs again. But with loud yelling, you could easily chase them away.

Finally did a small entry about travelling alone, as many people where so surprisingly about it here. Fell to bed sleepy.

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