Day 16 – Dounan to Sun Moon lake – Getting into it


Start: 10:30 / 69 km / 1039 hm

Left the hotel of horrors, fortunately sleep was better than supposed. Day started of with a typical west coast section. Long straight roads with loads of lights stopping you every 200m. Psst, don’t tell anyone – started skipping lights by cycling shortly on the ‘sidewalk’. Otherwise it would have taken forever.

First 50 kilometres where just slowly gaining height, so overall very easy, except for the heat.

On the way up there I also noticed a mother with her child, just having somewhere stopped randomly on a bit of road. Asking myself why she was throwing fruit into the woods, I had a look. Being a little bit bored from the typical section before I was suddenly filled with excitement. The reason for her stopping there was a gang of wild apes.

Spent some time with them, examining them carefully. These were a little bit different to the ones I knew from Japan. They were not that aggressive, so you could even look into their eyes. Meanwhile some other people stopped and fed them as well.

Having parked my bicycle just before them, I noticed one getting a nasty plan. He was just about to climb to the bicycle and do his business. But not with me, little fellow.

After having spent a good amount of time there, I carried on.

Then had a break before the last climb – these 17 kilometres were very hard, never ending steep ramps, going up in serpentines.

Luckily Kuan-You was also bit later, so I could take my time. Although it was quite challenging, it was very beautiful going up there.

Sun Moon lake

Had finally decided on the hotel, just shortly before. But this decision proofed to be a good choice. Arriving at the hotel, what I was presented with, was the complete opposite of the ‘hotel’ from yesterday. A little bit more expensive (2600 NTD), but with a huge room and look on a sidearm of Sun Moon lake.

Washed my clothes and had the shower I should have taken yesterday. Felt good…

Finally went out to the convenience store, grabbed a drink, phoned with my parents and waited just short for Kuan-You to arrive by car. Perfect timing.

So dropped his stuff, had a beer and went looking for something to eat. As it already was a little bit later, almost everything had closed down so went to a bar. Had some excellent chazuke, a couple of beer and went to the balcony of our hotel.

Kuan-You had brought a special cake and a big bottle of sake with him – so we ate and drank, talked an talked, listened to music. Was a wonderful evening, think we stayed up to almost four o’clock in the morning….thank you so much!

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