Day 03 – Otaru to Kutchan – Passing the mountain and rural areas


Start: 10:00 / Arrival: 16:45
Distance: 65km / Gained height 1150 hm

Forecast was uncertain, so we were as well – even tought about another rest day. Projected was heavy rain, not the best circumstances for passing a mountain with 650m of height. Decided to give it a try as we needed to make some progress. In the beginning fizzle rain gave the impression that this could be a hard and wet rain just like yesterday.

But as soon as we were gaining height, things cleared up. Landscape was too beautiful, rain was getting less and less – and after a pleasant climb up we found some scenic spot to have a view from above onto Ontaru.

Surrounding mountains where disguised by clouds, but the sight of the coast of Ontaru town was incredible.

After the climb to the top with 650hm with no villages it got a little bit more rural. Passed a milk farm which sold ice cream from its own cows milk and of course gave it a try. So delicious….

On the descent we had a break at some farmers market with local goods like shitake mushrooms for sale. Despite the forecast sun was showing up and it became quite hot. Such a nice break.

After a second climb things became peaceful rural and flat. Pleasing riding through nature with a couple of scattered farms.

Arrived at Kutchan, a small town layed out on a American grid system with not much happening. So went to the local mall, got cheap and delicious sushi, had a shower and chilled down at the lobby.

What a nice day.


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