2019 Japan / Hokkaido – Overview

Arriving in Sapporo



Stage 1: To Kushiro

Overview of stage. 9 days of cycling to Kushiro until taking a rest.


Stage 1.1: Otaru und Lake Tōya

First part of cycling. Started of with a rainy day to the lovely town of Otaru. With the sun coming out again, had a nice mountain pass along the Route 393 for some rural areas. Cycled around Mount Yōtei-zan. Visited stunning lake Toyo and national park Shikotsu to finally head of to Chitose city.


Stage 1.2: Cape Erimo

Trip around Cape Erimo along the coast. Very mystical ride with such diverse nature. Allthough a little bit fizzy and foggy a very spiritual trip.


Stage 1.3: Kushiro

Rainy transfer to Kushiro, with a well earned rest day.



Stage 2: To Abashiri

Overview of stage. 4 days of cycling to Abashiri until taking a rest. Passed the incredible Kushiro Wetlands, Lake Mashū and had a day trip to Shiretoko National Park. Saw red glasswort and stayed at an Japanese Farm.


Stage 2.1: Kushrio wetlands and Lake Mashū


Stage 2.2: Daytrip to national park Shiretoko

Daytrip from our small farm, outside of Shari.



Stage 2.3: Transfer Abashiri

Transfer to our little farm in Abashiri with passing rare red glassowort. Had a day off and went to Lake Abashiri.


Stage 3: To Asahikawa

Overview of stage. 2 days of cycling to Asahikawa until taking a rest. Asahikawa is the second “largest” town, with only ~360.000 people in comparison to Sapporo, with roughly 1.9 million people.


Stage 3.1: Red glasswort

Stage 3.2 Asahikawa


Stage 4: To Sapporo

Overview of stage. 3 days of cycling to Sapporo until taking a rest and going for record shopping.


Stage 4.1: Flowerfields

Day 20 – Asahikawa to Furano – Flowerfields

Stage 4.2: Arriving at Sapporo




The time being in Sapporo went so fast. 4 days of record digging, comsumption. Such a difference to the rural days spent before. Arriving back home and seeing what I’ve bought on the way.


The bicycle

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