Day 09 – Taking a rest in Hualien


Our first day of rest from cycling we stayed in Hualien.

Early day was a little bit overshadowed by the technical problems I had. My mobile was denying to charge from time to time, all from a single drop of sweat on the first climb after Su’Ao.

I thought this would have been solved, but in the morning the problems occurred again. As I use the mobile as a cycle computer, this is quite essential for us. Contacted the Samsung hotline, no success. Went around town to get an overview on mobile repair and used phone shops. In the second shop my mobile while presenting it to the owner suddenly started working again. Fingers crossed. Maybe this was also due, to Bettina cleaning it in the morning.

Then went to chill at the Pacific promenade and planed the routing for the next days. Quite challenging, as the weather seems to be quite unstable. On the way back we came across a guy who was taking his snake out for walk.

Went back to the hotel, passed a funeral, had a shower and walked out again.

Already tired we went to a nice japanese tempura restaurant around the corner and had some very tasty food. Back at the hotel sat for some minutes, discovered a nice gecko climbing up the glass front….and went finally to bed.

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