Trip #09 – Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf


Start: 15:30 / Arrival: 20:00
Distance: 51km / Gained height 122 hm

On this weekend I wanted to go to Keelung, but strangely all hotels were booked out. So I stayed in Taipei for a concert in the Par Store on Saturday and just went for a small ride on Sunday to the Tamsui fisherman’s wharf.

Way to Tamsui as usually nice and car free – and it wasn’t too hot.

Allthough having been quite some times to Tamsui, I never went to the small port. Actually it’s quite nice and definitely worth a visit. Had a look at the sea, enjoyed the breeze and had some nice giant grilled mussels.

After this I went back in the dark, which was also a very pleasant ride.

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