Day 18 – Taichung to Hsinchu – Constant autobahn


Start: 11:00 / 101 km / 665 hm

This was the most boring ride of the whole trip. Thought it would lead along the seaside, but it was just a sideway accompanying a huge motorway along the coast – for most of the time.

Didn’t saw much of the sea, constant noise from the motorway, so loud I wasn’t even able to listen to music. Riding was okay, but boring, all the way heads down just gaining kilometres. Also the massage from yesterday left my legs a little bit tired, but managed it somehow.

Passed some betel nut selling huts, with reference to 007 – and some bridges, but that’s almost all about it.

Actually wanted to take bicycle lane throughout the wetland just shortly before Hsinchu. But…most infrastructure here is in a better state than in Germany, meaning also constant road works. So my planned route was closed and it was already getting dark.

Nothing so much to report here.


I was told that this is the silicon valley of Taiwan that nobody likes. I didn’t like it as well, never saw any junkies and so many homeless people in Taiwan before.

First time as well a woman was asking me for service. Nope madam, thank you.

So just updated the blog and went to that mediocre hotel…I thought I could get the alpaca room, but it was decorated with some really strange other graphic.

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