Day 19 – Hsinchu to Taipei – Finishing the round


Start: 10:00 / 107 km / 532 hm

While leaving dreadful Hsinchu, I was quite undecided on which route to take – either through the mountains or on the sea. Chose the sea route and it turned out to be fairly nice, nothing comparable to yesterday’s constant autobahn.

Allthough being a little bit adventurous due to constant construction works, there were some really silent bicycle paths along the sea. Route was constantly changing between this, empty ghost streets through industrial buildings and, the autobahn. But compared to yesterday there wasn’t much traffic going on and the way the sideroad was constructed, led to a much more silent ride.

In the beginning there was some frightening long tunnel for 3 km, but this turned also out to be okay to ride.


After the last crowded section for 20 km (but with some really weird cows) I was reaching slowly Taipei.

The last 30 km along the Tamsui river bicycle path were stunning. Such a nice infrastructure! Also I was quite moved, that I had done it, 1260 kilometres and I was back. Tears in my eyes, what a great bicycle trip.

So put on some music from japanese band Happy End, had a cigarette break and afterwards mixed into some youngsters peloton passing by. Highly motivated I got in front of them, only one went beside me. He was quite impressed, with my bicycle being fully loaded.

Finally reached the small harbour that I had been starting from. End of route.

After arriving at the hostel went to the night market just around the corner. Really nice night market! Had some oyster, fish cake balls and a giant piece of octopus. On the way there I was a little bit puzzled about the Christmas decoration stores, but realised it’s not summer although being somewhere around 27 degrees.

Went full and happy to bed, after celebrating my return with a couple of beers.

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