Day 23 – Taipei – Packing and last evening


As I had to check out on the next day quite early, I wanted to pack the bicycle today. Always a unpleasant task – not only because it’s a sign of leaving, but also quite some work.

Had to change rooms at the hostel, so was “forced” to do some shopping first. Wasn’t so pleasant, with my leg hurting even more. Found some nice tea cups and went back to hostel packing the bicycle. Fortunately I could do it in the basement, as it was again quite hot outside. Took me 2.5 hours, so finished on time to get a shower and meet Kuan-You.

His parents were so nice to invite me to have dinner with the family, so I got to even know his grandparents. We ate at a very nice restaurant specialized in Shanghai kitchen, very very tasty. Had some nice talks with his parents, who also spoke english quite good. Really nice and super kind folks!

Afterwards we went to bar “Revolver”, to see a noise concert. Wow, and it indeed was noise / power electronics. “Dino”, some of Taiwan’s earliest noise artist was performing, as well as some very young japanese fellows and Kurumi Kadoya. Quite interesting!

Then we picked up a friend of Kuan-You to go to a fancy cocktail bar. Had some nice sake/gin with herbs, really tasty. Meanwhile met Maya and went to another cocktail bar, whose speciality was long island ice tea, but being very strong. So strong, I had to take a taxi home after just one…

Fell to bad really tired.

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