Day 24 – Taipei to home – Waving goodbye


Managed to checkout of the hostel on time, but was really tired. Kuan-You wasn’t still up, as he was out even longer.

Wanted to sit by the riverside, but due to the leg being in a not so good state, I just sat down at around the corner and read a bit. Had breakfast with Kuan-You then, dumplings with scallop fillings, yummy.

After having a short nap at Kuan-You’s place on his self designed lazy sack, we went to finish the packing of the bicycle. I was a bit worried about my leg and flying, so Kuan-You was so nice to bring me to the clinic of his mother. This was so kind! Getting it analyzed and some medication calmed me quite a lot.

Then we had final food, again scallops – this time in a soup. Loved it.

Afterwards of to the airport and saying goodbye to Kuan-You and this beautiful country named Taiwan, which actually I didn’t want to leave. Really hope to come here again. As said, this ranks in one of the Top 3 holidays in my life. So….


I will write a summary, also comparing it with previous holidays as next…

Way back home

Although being almost 13 hours, flight was one of the shortest. Was able to sleep almost the whole way. Transfer from Frankfurt was also quite smooth, despite 50% of the elevators in the airport being broken, ICE coming late as usual, no net on the train – you name it. Welcome back to broken German infrastructure!

So arrived safely back at home, cardbox with the bike also looks good. Directly made some tea and put on some taiwanese music, which brought immediately memories to my mind and tears to eyes.

Thank you Taiwan – and it’s most friendly people I ever encountered!

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