Day 01 – Sapporo – Getting the bicycles ready


Big moment, getting the packages from the reception and building up the bicycles after the transport. Luckily everything went well, nothing was damaged – so we’ve got two working bicycles now in front of us, ready for the trip.

While building up, some curiouse local approached us, trying to convince us for staying one day longer in Sapporo and invented us kindly for a obscure sounding “party”. The fact that we don’t speak any japanese didn’t stop him, so he kept on babbling trying to convince us. Funny guy…

After that we went downtown to Susukino to get an overview of the record stores and the city in general. At day the city seems way much bigger and lively. Record stores were quite a surprise, never had thought to find so much nice quality stuff,  japanese “City pop” everywhere….

When the shops closed we went for something to eat and found a very stylish BBQ restaurant with Jazz playing. Food was incredible…

Having eaten we went to to Don Quijote – which is a super weird shop selling everything from overstock, very funny and strange “love goods” and high fashion brands. This shop is visually a total overload, shouting out loud in your eyes.

Being quite late we went to Sapporo station (accomplished by some nice new age music when walking through it) to watch people and having a last beer…

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