Day 00 – Sapporo – Trip and arrival


Travelling to Sapporo is quite a big trip. Took us almost 18 hrs, 2 flights and a train. But everything went so smooth – Jan was so kind to bring us to the airport in Düsseldorf by car, so no carrying the boxes with the bicycles by train, thank you my friend!

Flight was good, arrived even earlier in Tokio / Haneda, with the bicycles in the cardboxes looking like new. Japanese airlines treat your luggage really well.

Had almost 4hrs stay in Haneda, so we had some time to check out the convenience stores and eat the first onigiris (mine was with caviar, ~1€) . 2nd plane to New Chitose went also really well and carrying the bicycles 400m over to the hotel in Sapporo was easy as we had choosen cleverly a hotel near the station.

After arriving went for a strut around the block, grapped some beer, met some locals at Sapporo clock tower, drank together and had a first glance at the town. At night Sapporo is quite silent with not many people around…will be interesting to see what it’s like at daytime.

Finished the day having deep conversations with Tobi in front of Lawsons, drinking Strong Zero and Satory Highballs with cheap “oden” and dried squid as a snack.

Tired, but with no sign of jetlag we went of to bed at 2’clock finally in our hotel.

Phew – made it…what a smooth transfer to the other half of the world!


  1. Looking good my friend 😀 hope u enjoy your staying there, wish you all the luck and keep making good pics cuz ill be following you all the way.

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