Day 05 – Toyako to Chitose – Shikotsu national park


Start: 11:15 / Arrival: 18:30
Distance: 94km / Gained height 890 hm

Left Lake Toya and had a long but smooth climb up over to Lake Shikotsu at the same named national park.

Rural area, with good weather this was a pleasant way up there. On the way something weird stang me in the finger, short and strong local pain -but maybe due to the applied tiger balm it left no trace.

Highlight was some local farmer markt which sold the mushrooms from that area. Direct beside it was a huge restaurant specialized on mushroom dishes, so had an delicious and cheap (140 Yen) miso soup with loads of fresh mushrooms.

When arriving at Lake Shikotsu, clouds had summoned, but the view was still astonishing. Not quite as good as Lake Toya, but anyway incredible walking through the camping site. Before we left weather also cleared up a little bit with god rays coming through the clouds.

Had an ultra smooth transfer to Chitose, with a long and silent dedicated cycling path. After checking in at the hostel went to some Izakaya for some nice typical food.

Finished the day at the 7/11 and went tired to bed after some nice talks with Tobi.

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