Day 06 – Chitose to Shizunai – Horseranges, Pacific and karaoke


Start: 11:00 / Arrival: 19:15
Distance: 95km / Gained height 550 hm

Chitose is Hokkaidos main airport, so we had to pass it after breakfast. Not so nice to ride, but this was followed by long straight roads cycling head down…not too exciting but really nice to ride.

Point of interest was today the Pacific which we reached after ~55km. Road along it was nice – sun shining, many horse farms on the left and the ocean on the right. Had a very nice sundown an hour before reaching Shizunai…

When arriving at it, it already was dark. Started to look for a business hotel or a Minshuku, which turned out to be quite difficult. All hotels in that little town where somehow booked out. After asking at 4 hotels, we finally found a (not that cheap) old classic private run pension, smokers room. Somehow charming as time seemed to have stood still here.

But this also applies to Shizunai, nobody around, everything rusty and left forgotten – but we found a super nice ramen bar, hidden in the back alleys.

While having a delicious ramen and squid guts, we got to know some very nice japanese guy having gyozas there. Talked about japanese music and he way quite impressed about my knowledge. His friends where also there, which he just referred to as Tomato-San, meaning Mr. Tomato – a local farmer.

After having some funny talks he invited us to some shady sounding bar. Turned out, that this was just a karaoke bar with flat drinking for an our.

Had so much fun at it, sang a couple of songs, got some presents (two hats) from our new friend and where finally invited for everything. What a nice guy…and of course overall evening!

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