Day 09 – Hiroo to Urahoro – Rainy day


Start: 10:45 / Arrival: 16:30
Distance: 78km / Gained height 560 hm

Started of with fizzy rain. My mobile phone used for routing was also making problems due to the high humidity. Not such a great start.

Then rain got heavier and heavier, leaving our goal for today in question.

Landscape was very rural farmland with loads of cows. Must be nice in good weather, but we where just riding face down making distance. The area was also sparsely populated, with no convenience stores coming up.

Decided to head a little bit in thr mountains to stop at very small village with at least a few minshukus (private run guest houses / hotels). Arrived completely soaked in wet from the heavy rain and checked the guest houses. Only the third (and last) gave us a home. We were not sure if the other ones where really booked out or if the owners where a little afraid of westerners.

The lady which gave us a home was really friendly and interested in our trip, so everything ok.

Went for the next laundry to wash and dry our clothes, feeling so good! Also checked out a mixed goods store, in which time seemed to have stood still.

Finally had a cheap and ultra delicious meal at an old ladies place. The tempura on rice I had was incredible…

Then went back to the guest house, chilling and having some sake to finish of the day.

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