Day 10 – Urahoro to Kushiro – Fizzy rain and mystical Kushiro


Start: 11:45 / Arrival: 17:15
Distance: 72.5km / Gained height 450 hm

With the forecast being sunny for tomorrow, we only had to pass this one cloudy day with fizzy rain of to Kushiro – rest day ahead.

Transfer was ok – again fizzy clouds, a little bit of rain and some nice mountainous area. Listened to some japanese 70s proto doom metal, great accompany for that scenery. Later it got more rainy with long crowded straight roads through a japanese version of rural detroit. Tobi called it J-Troit, best description.

Feets were getting wet, but passed some old abandoned rusty industrial buildings, which where longing for photo stops.

At the end it was just a matter of reaching Kushiro. Again the accommodation question was getting a difficult topic again. Somehow all business hotels where booked out, but we found some nice dorm for a reasonable price.

After a rewarding warm shower went for a stroll through town, Kushiro looks really promising being a somehow bigger town.

Went to some Oden-bar, first the owner was a little bit sceptical about us gaijins, but quickly we made sure that we are somehow different to other tourists and handsome guys respecting the culture – knowing about local food. Atmosphere also quickly melted up, with some other guests interested in german culture served as some kind of medium to the owner.

So made friends, had good food and left the bar more than happily.

On the way back home light was so incredible. The lighting of the streets plus the foggyness of the fizzy rain gave us a very strong impression. Blade runner revisited.

Drank more sake, highballs at the local Lawson, good talks. Tobi went to bed afterwards, but I had some further deep conversations with the wife of the owner.

Such a great evening!

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