Day 11 – Kushiro – Well earned rest day


First rest day on our trip. Quite unusual so late, but we were doing more like ~72 km day, easily doable.

This day felt great. Kushiro is a little bit bit bigger harbour town, very nice to stay here. Got up quite early, had some nice soup with algae and sea snails for breakfast and went exploring the town.

A superb 2nd hand book shop gave me the tip for some old record shop. Found a super rare islandic disco record there and other singles with japanese music. Digging time.

After that went to a even bigger fish market where you buy a cup of rice and then head of to diverse markets to get your toppings. Sea urchin was especially great, such a tasty texture.

Checked out the local car washes for cleaning the bike, unfortunately unsuccessfully. Then head of for the harbour to chill a little bit.

Drinking shoju, flavour with shiso, gazing at the sundown at the local bridge watching the tourists. Such a great time. Then met Tobi back again, had a beer and good talks just before splitting up ways each on its own.

When returning to the hostel I met one of employees there again and made friends. ナナ (Nana) from Osaka spoke so good english so that we could have have a very nice, deep and interesting talk about the cultures we are living in. Talking to her was a very big highlight of this trip and we got really close to each other. Thank you so much for this evening ナナ, this was a very delightful evening!

After some some final oden from the convenience store I fell to bed more than happily making such great friends……

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