Day 12 – Kushiro to Teshikaga – Unbelievable wetlands


Start: 12:45 / Arrival: 20:30
Distance: 80km / Gained height 1010 hm

What a day.

Had a very late start due to the “Reiseleiter” (being me, running joke) having to sleep longer due to my nice evening yesterday.

Before we started, met Chad from Chicago again, whom got to know already yesterday at the convenience store. Very nice guy – he was also so kind to take pictures of us with his analog Nikon camera. Really curious on how this will turn out.

Quickly found our way out of town arriving at the beginning of the famous Koshiro wetlands. From here it got incredible. In the beginning it was a nice, smooth dedicated cycle path, with signs telling you about the cranes in this area.

Weather was really good, tailwinds…passing the wetlands. Feeling good.

After some smooth transfer we arrived at the second part of the wetlands. Wow…so beautiful. Wide and green landscape, with the mountains in the distance.

These wetlands were so moving – their beauty made me cry of joy. Now I understood – Hokkaidos landscape is so diverse, with so many highlights.

Moved by this incredible experience, we slowly carried on. Got to another dedicated cycle path along a river. Saw four Hokkaido cranes on its side. These are the ones that dance extraordinary in their mating season, inspiring the Ainu people for their traditional dance.

Then got to some very rural area full of milkfarms with the sun setting slowly down. Incredible lighting, gradients from yellow to purple. So calm…

As we where quite late, we had to ride in the darkness as well. On its way we encountered a road killed snake, some fox (they look different here and very beautiful) and at some point I had some really big deers crossing the road before us. Such a grace. Almost like in a Studio Ghibli movie. Here they are brown with a white tail, moving so fast.

Our hostel for today was a little bit out of town, so had simple but delicious lunch before. I had soba soup with the noodles being from the local area. So tasty!

Arrived at the nice hostel, very nice and kind owner. Sat happily outside having Shoju – talking about the beauty of todays ride and chilling.

Incredible day!

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