Day 13 – Teshikaga to Kiyosato – The beauty of Lake Mashū


Start: 10:00 / Arrival: 21:00
Distance: 84km / Gained height 1100 hm

Early start as we had to check out early. Had some nice talk with the owner of the hostel about the aging society in Germany and Japan.

As the hostel was a little bit outside and we would have to return to downhill to the center, we just skipped it and took the climb to Lake Mashū direct. Without breakfast not the best way to start as this was quite some steep and long ascend.

Finally we were rewarded for it with a magnificent view on Lake Mashū. It’s very uncommon to have a clear view it not disguised by fog – but we where glad to have this experience. First had a ramen as breakfast, discovered some handsome squirrels only living on Hokkaido and then went for the observation point after answering questions for some researcher from the Holland tourist ministry.

Lake Mashū is such a beauty, bringing immediately tears to my eyes. This lake is definitely the most beautiful I have ever seen in my life. It’s officially the most clearest in the world. And we had such a wonderful view on this volcanic lake, which is really rare.

Also the whole view around the area today was incredible. You could even see the Pacific beyond Kushiro.

After taking some pictures of the squirrels and chilling we climbed a little bit further to the second exploration platform. This offered another and different view on the lake. Some very kind japanese elderly man also gave us some egg as a gift. Delightful.

After a very smooth transfer through rural fields to Lake Kussharo, which was not up to Lake Mashū, we had another break. Lake Kussharo is nice, being bigger than Lake Mashū but we where somehow spoiled. Chilling there amd having some local snacks was really nice, could have taken an outdoor onsen twice, but we needed to go on.

Cycling the last mountain pass in the beginning darkness was a little bit frightening with all those bear warning signs. Playing loud music and with full lights we made it.

At some point we got so scared, because there was a siren and some lights starting just out in the nowhere beside us near thd street. Tobi made it even worse with saying that it’s following us and something about UFOs.

We guess this is some kind of an automatic alarm to keep bears away from the civilisation.

After a quick transfer in the dark we finally got to Kyosato and had some convenience store oden to make it for the last kilometres. Arrived at the hostel being a little bit outside as well, took a shower, had some beers.

Oh, what a day. Finished it with sitting outside, talking and having an extraordinary view at the stars, so clear and bright.


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