Day 14 – Kiyosato – Daytrip to Shiretoko


Start: 10:15 / Arrival: 22:30 (after the izakaya)
Distance: 105km / Gained height 580 hm

We stayed to night at the rural guesthouse in Kiyosato to make a daytrip to Shiretoko. Actually we planned this as a roundtrip, but decided to shorten it as we already lost some time due to the rainy days.

So headed of through rural streets to Shari, the next bigger town. Then from there took the road on the sea. Sunny weather and beautiful landscape made this a very pleasant ride.

Watched some people fishing, came across a super nice 70s style cafe with flokati and ate some delicious ice from a vending machine.

Visited some picturesque waterfall and arrived at Shiretoko / Utoro. Saw some fish drying in the sun and had a look at Godzilla rock. Thought this was a joke, but boy, it really looked like it.

Way back home was easy with tailwind – and also really nice with the sun going down slowly over the ride.

When we arrived back at Kiyosato we met a very nice girl who had shared the same guesthouse at Kushiro. Had a very nice talk about travelling and then went of to the local Izakaya.

“No english, no pictures on the menu, only japanese. OK?”  – “Sure!”

Were rewarded with the finest menu…including much seafood (fresh giant oysters and fried oysters, squid and delicious fish). Accompanied by a bowl of rice with caviar on it. Oishi!

Also had some nice talks with locals, who where quite impressed about me listening to japanese music…

Overall this was a really nice Izakaya, crowded by locals, and I know why. The chef also wanted to give as some corn as a gift, but our stomachs where more than full.

Then went back to the guesthouse and had sake outside (watching the stars again) and then in our japanese style room. While drinking we were irritated by loud noises. Some other guest seemed to be so drunk, that they were falling over in the toilet. When I went to the restroom, also all the toilet shoes where gone. Don’t want to know what they where doing…

Finally went to bed late very very tired after that great day.

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