Day 15 – Kiyosato to Abashiri – Cloudy transfer trip to Mama


Start: 9:15 / Arrival: 18:15
Distance: 56km / Gained height 280 hm

After the past days being so incredible, this was a slighted boring day with a short transfer to Abashiri. After passing some bloomed out fields and several lakes we finally made it to Abashiri, a dying town far in the most eastern parts of Japan.

Got to the tourism information centre, booked some really cheap apartment in the outskirts, I became a little bit moody. After having so great days before, I wasn’t able to handle a “normal” day anymore. But realising is the first step for change.

So hung little a little bit around town, had great food from the mall and went of back again to our farm.

I was so tired and exhausted, that I even made the “toilet shoe faux pas” for the first time on the trip.

Anyway, our host Mama was super kind, but we too tired for any conversations. Walked 4km to the mall, just to realise, that all good food had gone. So bought drinks instead and had them on the terrace of the farm.



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