Day 16 – Abashiri – Relaxing at Lake Abashiri


Start: 12:00 / Arrival: 20:00
Distance: 32km / Gained height 250 hm

Very late start as there was no hurry on this rest day.

Had a cigarette on the terrace of the farm, spoke to Mama about the food she is preparing and then went of for downtown. Got breakfast from the mall, including delicious umeboshi. Had it at the river in the sun, so relaxing.

Went of for Lake Abashiri. Nice lake, but with the weather getting cloudy, it was not a highlight. Chilled having tea and some nice japanese sweets – listening to my favourite podcast “Aufwachen”, with the elections in Brandenburg and Sachsen as a topic. Feels so strange hearing these news being so far away.

Then went back to check some nice shops in downtown Abashiri. Found a very sweet, oldschool kitchenware shop where time seemed to have stood still. Got my self some nice wooden plates and chopsticks.

Then went to the big shopping street in the newer and more unattractive part in the town to dig some records in a shop that Tobi had found in the morning.

Bought a couple of singles and went back to our little farm in the outskirts, equipped with cheap sushi, beer and sake.

Had a look at our new records together with Tobi and then had a drink outside in the rain. Nice talks, also with the other guests and Mama…finally some other guest joined us later, who turned out to be Taiwanese. With me being there last year we had a very nice conversation. Such a friendly guy!

Fell to bed after the last sake….


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