Day 17 – Abashiri to Yubetsu – Fields of red glasswort


Start: 10:15 / Arrival: 19:30
Distance: 110km / Gained height 800 hm

Allthough we had quite a lot of kilometres in front of us, started a little bit hungover. Said goodbye to Mama – with the laundry being free for us because we’re German. Positive racism, but oh so kind. We’re very grateful for that and know how to appreciate it.

Went to town for our known mall, but as I was passing some folk festival the day before I thought to give it a try.

Found so much tasty food, had some rare sea algae, which was like caviar and then queued up for some delicious Okonomiyaki. Queue was really long, but it was worth the waiting.

The trip afterwards was nice, but with the sky being a little bit clouded, the beauty of Lake Notoro and the Saroma sea was a little bit disguised.

But finally we arrived at the highlight of today, some algae (glasswort) giving rare sights of becoming red only in September. So nice, although we imagined it to be a little bit bigger.

After taking some detour due to a gravelroad not being suitable for passing a mountain, having problems with Tobis bicycles bottom bracket (as usually fixed by oil), we arrived at Cape Kimuaneppu for a break. Realizing that the planned route Engaru also could not be taken, we headed to the small town of Yubetsu. Found a small and nice Minshuku with a very kind and nice owner and went to the next Izakaya.

After returning to the Minshuku, Tobi went for a call outside and got accidentally locked out by the owner. Considered quite a couple of solutions for this, including ladders, rescue blankets, sleeping at 7/11….but took thr conservative way and tried to find the owner deep in the night. Luckily she was still full awake, phew….


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