Day 18 – Yubetsu to Ahasikawa – King of mountain


Start: 08:45 / Arrival: 19:30
Distance: 142km / Gained height 1150 hm

Earliest start until now. But needed, as this was quite a challenge climbing up to 850m, over quite some distance.

Legs felt a little bit tired in the beginning, but this was my sort of climb. 60km just going up. Very rural areas, no exit point for getting a Minshuku, so we just had to do this. First time for Tobi with such a distance.

Weather was hot, sweat flowing like water from the skin. Constant climbing…

This is my kind of riding, endurance!

Beautiful landscape, every tone of green. But yet head down listening to motivating old house music. This was the first ride, where the focus for me was on the sportive side.

At one point we were stopped by the police….quickly noticed this was due to a bicycle race we just came across. In the beginning we were allowed to ride further, with people ready for cheering across the road. Their face was incredible but yet disturbed, not knowing if we were the actual peloton. Going slowy with luggage and steel bicycles….

Later we had to stop and watch watch the actual peloton, so nice. Gave us such a great motivation boost, watching the professional teams of the “Tour de Hokkaido” passing by.

Continuing riding we still passed the left over station signs of food stations and the King Of The Mountain marking signs. Our personal race.

Got 50km for free just rolling down, landscape passed quickly. I found out about an alternative cycling speedway leading us directly to Asahikawa. Such an great experience. Rivers with fog over them, sun going down, rice field left and right. Incredible!

Still on the cycling highway we had a great night ride for about 30km. Great infrastructure, no cars, just going through nature.

Went to the hotel, cheered up for a well deserved beer and went to the next Izakaya after a shower.

This Izakaya was incredible. Tobi had raw Sashimi-Deer, which i tried and it was unbelievable. Such great food!

Being in such a big city (Asahikawa is the second biggest in Hokkaido) felt somehow strange after staying for almost one week in only farms and rural areas, but yet exciting. Discovered even a club for lonely japanese people, where you pay for woman talking to you one hour nicely, charming you. No sex involved, only talking. Strange….

Chilled down the remaining adrenaline from the ride with a couple of beers and went to bed happily.

Such a great day.


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