Day 20 – Asahikawa to Furano – Flowerfields


Start: 13:00 / Arrival: 21:15
Distance: 73km / Gained height 750 hm

Late and slow start, as I needed some more sleep.

Got a tasty breakfast from the Aeon deli section, accompanied by some sweet tomato a woman gave us from her garden.

Headed through beautiful rice fields, already becoming yellow, with a fantastic mountain landscape in the background. As we knew this would be the last day with big highlights, tears came to our eyes – realizing that the cycling part of trip will be soon over.

This was so bittersweet, nature was incredible….

Arrived at some trees standing on top of some hill, with yellow fields surrounding everything. Then went to the Ken&Mary tree, know from a famous TV-advertisement. Little bit boring….

Then took a loop for some other trees standing on the shoulder of some hills, seems these kind of scenic spots are somehow popular among Japanese.

Afterwards we approached the first flowerfield, with a big red heart formed from flowers. So beautiful.

Then we got to another touristic spot, also a flowerfield, but it was closing down. Were allowed in for a couple of pictures, with the sun going down.

After a couple of kilometres in the dark arrived at our cheap stay in Furano and went for some Izakaya.

Another incredible day….


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