Day 21 – Furano to Iwamizawa – Rainy day with a surprising reward


Start: 8:45 / Arrival: 17:00
Distance: 81km / Gained height 760 hm

Forecast again rain. Early start due to it.

This was a quitr dull ride and just a transfer, after the rain started. Came across some waterfall and some big lake. But went quickly through as rain was constant and heavy.

Got some oden on the way, warming up the belly.

Wanted to take some cheap Minshuku in Iwamizawa, so went to the tourist information to save time. Strangely I was being told, that local Minshukus don’t accept foreigners – which is against the discrimination law and forbidden.

Hearing this from a tourist information and not some old 80 year lady running a Minshuku (which I would have understood) was weird.

So ok, went 7 kilometres back again in the rain to some Ryokan in the lonely suburbs. In the end this was such a great idea. One of fhe best Onsens I had in my life.

After some quick food from the mall went to the luxurious bath and relaxed so good. Finsihed the day celebrating our previous trip with some nice sake.

Please note: the two images from the Onsen are from the internet, as we didn’t took our cameras to the bath obviously.

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