Day 22 – Iwamizawa to Sapporo – Coming back again


Start: 11:15 / Arrival: 16:30
Distance: 52km / Gained height 300 hm

Got breakfast at the mall again and then left for a transfer to Sapporo. Transfer was okay, but with heavy headwinds….

Also for the first time passed so much broken glass, very uncommon for Japan. Strange, but no flats.

The magical moment came when approaching Sapporo. Left the main streets for the cycle path along Toyohira River – great infrastructure. Also the sky became really beautiful and mystical with the sun coming through the clouds. Also the view through the main streets with the mountains on the far horizont was incredible. So moving, I had to cry, realizing that the cycle part is now really over.

Arrived at our hostel and parked our bicycles at the huge public bicycling parking lot, with 24hrs cctv. Still here we were confident in our tiny 200g locks, Japan is just so safe. Washed clothes at the hostel and went for some local curry soup subsequently. Really nice restaurant with Tatsu Yamashita playing. You got me!

Afterwards went to some drinking bar, which was supposed to have good music. And boy, it had. The owner was playing extraordinary ambient, which gave the special bar even an more transcendent feeling. Drank Japanese whiskey, got to know Alice&John, two Brits interested in arts and music. Really nice fellows. John is also organizing concerts in my home town, so maybe we will meet up again one day.

Later as we got drunk, we got into talks with the nice owner, playing music wishes from me like Maki Asakawa, sad Japanese folk songs. The owner was so kind and gave us small presents, like lighters and beautiful designed flyers. Had a really great evening at this bar!

As he we closing down, had a final “Strong Zero” with Alice&John and then went tired back home.

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