Day 02 – Getting the bicycles ready


After having a tasty Taiwanese breakfast with eggdrop soup and vegetables, we started assembling the bicycles. This went quite smooth and took about 1h per bicycle. Gladly they didn’t get damaged on the flight, so everything is now up and running…

As a reward we had a nice spicy beef noodle soup in a cosy place around the corner. Then we went to Par Store, a very interesting shop selling independent vinyl, clothes and has also a space for live music. Will have to return later to the shop, as it is really cool.

Afterwards we went for a walk to the 228 peace memorial park. Very beautiful, with its water installation and small temple.

Then we went back to Ningxia nightmarket and had a huge mixed fried mushroom “snack” (it was more than enough for two). Super tasty, with fried enoki, corals and (king) oyster mushrooms.

Had a beer, talked quite a bit, started the blog and then went to the now emptying nightmarket for some finishing fried sweet potato balls. Yummy!

Quite tired from the day, fell gladly to bed on returning to the hostel.




    1. Hey Roch,wir haben heute erst entdeckt, dass es Kommentare gab 😀. Ja, wir sind tatsächlich nur am futtern und etwas radeln – ist aber echt toll hier. Liebe Grüße nach Köln

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