Day 03 – 101 and crate digging


A little bit of free wandering around Taipei.

Went to an electronics shop I knew from my last visit, which I hoped has still got the great selection of old Taiwanese music. Unfortunately the situation changed completely – instead of loads of old Mandopop it now had more Japanese “City Pop”. Love it as well, but this is for me easier to get. Bought only one record and later a second one from Teresa Teng at a second hand book store on the way.

Then we went to 101, but as I’ve got vertigo, Bettina went to the top alone and enjoyed the overview of Taipei city and its surroundings from above.

Meanwhile I went into an excellent bookstore with an astonishing vinyl selection. It even had a lego model of itself for sale including an Aphex Twin record. But….situation the same. Loads of Japenese vinyl (with the cheapos being rather uninteresting and the reissues too expensive), but still no sign of Taiwanese Disco records :-/ At least they had some current local independent music.

Then went back to the hotel by MRT, washed clothes and got picked up by Kuan-You for a walk around Linjiang night market. Tried some durian ice, ate at a tasty teppanyaki restaurant and went along the street selling pets.

After coming back to the hotel, we had a last beer at the 7/11 across the street and met a kind german couple (Lisa and Merdan) who are also into cycling. After some great talk went tired to the hostel and I had some also a nice view on Taipei city at night while picking up our clothes from the rooftop.

Good night!

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