Day 05 – Abandoned buildings and hello Pacific


Start: 10:30 / Arrival: 18:30
Distance: 82km / Gained height 520 hm

On the way to the breakfast we had a small and nice talk with an Australian couple. Breakfast itself was Japanese style and very tasty – accompanied by a beautiful view over Jiufen and down to the Pacific. Very relaxing with some old Jazz playing.

Then we carried the bicycles up the stair maze, had some coffee beside a tourist group at the local Family Mart and started the descent.

Riding down from Jiufen is extraordinary, we saw some incredible small towns from far away in the mountains, many Taiwanese graveyards, a golden Waterfall, some gigantic spiders and finally some amazing abandoned factory buildings (which have changed just a little from my last visit).

Down at sea level we started riding along the Pacific highway. Unfortunately the first ~20km have only a street shoulder for riding and the lorries are quite loud. Also the tunnels take some guts, but drivers are usually friendly.

After this, traffic noise level gets a little bit lower and you get a seperated bicycle path along the highway, which takes you from time to time down to small ports and temples. One part is also takes you to silent woods with a nice bridge to cross.

After this you get a beautiful view on the Pacific with cliffs, where the sea water has left its traces. Reminded us on some parts of the japenese coast.

We are taking the route clockwise because of the typical winds, which should give us tailwinds while cycling down the east coast – but…its not always the case, so, allthough having wonderful views, we also faced some strong headwinds. So we decided to cut the route down to approximately 80km and taking it easy.

After the decision we took some time at local small fishing port run by indigenous Taiwanese and tasty fried fresh fish.

Strengthened up we went for the last bit with sunset taking in. Rode in the dark (we have good lights) in between rice fields. What a joy! Just don’t open your mouth, because of all the insects 😉

Got into Yilan city, rode along scooters, passed the Yilan night market (looked good, but we didn’t stop) and checked in at the hotel after some tomatoe-plum and guave beer.

Bicycles up to the hotel room and then went to the next park to write the blog. Afterwards I visited a temple at night and then we went tired, but glad, to bed.

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