Day 06 – Exploring Yilan county


Start: 11:30 / Arrival: 16:30
Distance: 47km / Gained height 174 hm

Because Su’An to Xincheng is quite a demanding section, we did a half day today exploring Yilan county.

Cycled along rivers on very nice bicycle infrastructure, saw many interesting plants and then went back to the pacific to chill at Ching Shui Beach, a lonesome beach.

Then went south along Dongshan River, which has amazing bicycle infrastructure and loads to see. Went along some red plants, which gave a vivid red light to its surrounding.

Arrived at Dongshan station and found an elderly lady serving some kind of chinese buns on the streets. These and the selfmade citrus ice tea where incredible!

On the last bit to Su’Ao Bettinas tire was loosing air again, so a slow flat. Pumped it up and when arriving at Su’Ao, we picked up a new tube and rimtape at the local Giant bike shop.

After checking in at our hotel, we fixed the tire in the destinated cycle cellar of the hotel.

Oh, regarding riding: normally when riding around Taiwan clockwise, you get the benefit of tailwinds. On the first days to now, this wasn’t the case, so tailwinds where quite demanding.

In the hotel we went to a very “rough” laundry in a construction site, with a very funky washing machine. Had to ask at the reception on how to operate it.

After this was finished, we went to a mobile Oden around the corner, which I knew from my last visit. Food was incredible, had a beer at the 7/11, wrote the blog and finished the day with a last bit of fried goods from the Oden bar.

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