Day 11 – Endless rice fields


Start: 11:15 / Arrival: 17:30
Distance: 56km / Gained height 420 hm

Started the day with a very interesting and tasty breakfast around the corner. Bettina had some wrapped omelette with dragon fruit and I a burger with peanut sauce.

Left then our nice stay to ride along a silent country road with an amazing view on the mountains of the valley left and right – all accompanied with endless rice fields. These incredible huge rice fields were our friends for the whole day. Bicycle Route #1 has been extended,  so this was an amazing ride – no cars and this beautiful view on the nature.

Meanwhile stopped at a bicycle rest, which is often a police station, pumped up our tires and talked to a local police man.

From Yuli on we found this new section, first shocked that a huge bridge was broken which we wanted to take, but then explored the new path. Just can say, that this is super recommended.

Came along some indigenous museum, a lot of non aggressive but rather lazy dogs (due to the heat, which was making this ride also quite challenging,  maybe 30 degrees?) and pushed our bikes through some road works.

Then arrived at Chishang, had a look at a temple (my bike fell over at it, but luckily no damage) and had some fresh carambola/star fruit in front of a convenience store. Also some funny woman approached us, which was a little bit overhyped about Germany😂

Checked in at our nice hotel, washed clothes and went for a tasty meal with water spinach, fried shrimp cake, bitter melon and mapo tofu. Lesson learned there: don’t spend more than 15€ on a meal for two, afterwards we were slightly overfilled (but anyway it was delightful).

Then went back to the hotel, had some language problems with the lock, but found a way to get in through the backdoor. Finished the day then on our balcony writing the blog.

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