Day 12 – Mr Browns avenue and back to the Pacific


Start: 10:30 / Arrival: 18:30
Distance: 18+35km / Gained height 115+340 hm

Started with a convenience store breakfast, checked out and went for Mr Browns avenue, directly in front of our hotel.

Not much different to yesterdays rice fields, but a tick nicer, with dedicated bicycle infrastructure – but also a little bit touristic.

When we rode it, there was a huge group of Malaysian tourists, being carried around by a funny vehicle: a tractor towing a modular mobile seat system, with strange hats on them as a sun cover.

The tree from the advertisement was so super crowded, but we had fun with the tourist group constantly waving.

Then went to Guanshan station, checked the trains, had some tasty Vietnamese food and fruity teas.

Went back with the train back to Yuli (slow train, but we hadn’t had to package our bicycles…took 60min and was just 4€ with the bikes included). On the way met a Taiwanese group of kind road bicyclists, where one even travelled to Germany and also the town where I went to school.

After arriving in Yuli, where it just started to rain, filled up at the convenience store and rode in the warm rain up the pass. Bettina had a stuck chain and twisted gear cable on the way up, but this was fixed quick and easy. Maintaining your bike is a useful skill while travelling 😉

Arrived in the setting dark on the top, rode a 3km long but nice tunnel and had a great descent from 500 meters of height down to sea level.

Then rode 10km in the dark along the pacific to a super small town just before Sanxiantai bridge. Checked in at the hotel, went for a little snack at the local convenience store (everything else was closed) and had a beer on the balcony writing the blog.

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