Day 15 – Off to the south


Start: 10:00 / Arrival: 18:30
Distance: 98km / Gained height 1150hm

Had breakfast at a local breakfast restaurant around the corner and started directly, as todays route is quite a bit.

Advantage: we are of the highway #9 – disadvantage: it involves quite a bit of climbing 😉

So went for 6 km along the #9, stocked up on food and water, as there isn’t any convenience store for quite some distance. Then went up climbing the rural road to Shoukatiemayi station. In the beginning it was super hot, but we already could see the rain clouds that we were driving in the height into. So from the middle it started to rain, but managed quite good to get to the top.

Took a rest at the station and started the descent. On the way Bettina had some mechanical problems, as the rear derailleur was off without a reason. But as it was raining, we postponed the repair to ground level. But arriving there we still couldn’t fix it in short time, damn.

Then rode along road #26 to Manzhou, which again involves some climbing…but with monkeys climbing in the trees along the road. Wow! So many of them. Even had one sitting on a branch directly over me 🥰

Arriving in Manzhou had some food at the first convenience store, then went further through the county, which seems to be quite poor, with it simple hoods. Also there was a huge amount of three legged dogs, some even went after us, as this wasn’t enough for them…

Arriving at the seaside again went to Taiwans most southern point along the national park. Rain still hadn’t stopped and now the dark was setting in. But still enough light, to the the coast of the tip. As we reached the tip, it was completely dark so this was a rather functional transfer to Kenting.

On Saturdays Kenting can be quite crowded, sneeked through the masses to our hotel, checked in after some confusion regarding the booking and had a deserved warm shower and a beer.

Then went to the busy night market, checked everything out and had takoyaki, swordfish cake, fried soy milk and a finishing incredible octopus arm with pepper. Yummy!

Walked back to the hotel and chilled out at the place in front of it. I rewarded my self with some very nice Taiwanese whisky from Kavalan, the company behind “Mr Brown’s Coffee” 😀

Then went tired and lucky to bed, after this quite demanding, but still beautiful day.

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