Day 16 – Rest day in Kenting


Arriving at the most southern tip of Taiwan, we gave us a rest day in Kenting. Legs were a little bit tired, so went slowly in the heat through Kenting main street to get breakfast and fetch some cleaning utensils for bicycles.

This was as well needed for readjusting Bettinas bicycle – and also because we don’t want to leave the dirty bicycles in the hotel lobbies or rooms.

On the way we also discovered why the woman from the hotel had us asked about ironman (we thought she made a joke, as it was raining heavily when we arrived): actually there was Kenting Ironman happening in the heat😂

Also washed clothes and returned to the hotel to fix Bettinas Mercian. After cleaning, this was quickly done, somehow then rear derailleur had developed some offset and now it works sort of okay.

Then went back to town, I had a very tasty tea with ice and Bettina a super fruity green tee. Yummy.

Sipped it at the beach, let some water on out feet (swimming is forbidden there) and chilled. Watched sunset from a bank, noticed how many tourists there are in this town (esp. Germans) and went eating at a restaurant. Had big headed shrimps and bitter melon salad, nice…

Then fetched the giant octopus arm again from the night market and afterwards I felt a little bit adventurous and tried some “hot dog” (I normally try to avoid meat, but hey, let’s try the stuff here).

Then went back to the hotel, took a shower, said briefly hello to the Ironman athletes that were staying at the hotel and chilled with a beer, planing next days routes.

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