Day 17 – Leaving Kenting and endless fish farms


Start: 11:00 / Arrival: 17:00
Distance: 80km / Gained height 310 hm

Left Kenting after some very again nice breakfast from the restaurant we had choosen yesterday. Riding along the west coast is completely different, initially we still had some longer harmless ramps, but then it got flat with tailwinds.

First riding along the crowded #26, we took some smaller road along the pacific. Meanwhile passed a very surrealistic scene: some tourist bathing beach just in front of the Ma’anshan nuclear power plant. So strange!

On one of the lonely roads, we overtook some Taiwanese guy on a Youbike, giving him props. Guess he liked this, as he now was enjoying our slipstream and riding just closely past us for some kilometers. To keep him comfortable, I switched my music on the bicycle to some 70s Ouyang Fei Fei 😁

A little bit further we accidentally found some Kenji Yanobe exhibition, decided on if we have the time for this…and went in. Very nice, with a giant cat being the highlight.

Then had a smooth transfer on the coast, driving along mango county. Heat was quite demanding, but had a nice icy mango juice along the way. Saw some nice temples and went off the mainstreet to ride through endless fish farms. This may sound boring, but actually it’s super interesting – even though the dogs there were quite aggressive. Some Taiwanese man even helped us, scaring them off by throwing stones.

Oh, meanwhile it seems, like my backup camera I use for taking pictures from the bike (Sony RX100 in sport mode) had just died. Thanks, for being in good service for so many years!

Before arriving in Linbiao, we passed some suburbian town, where every shop was making a fire a ton, burning sacrificial money. Somehow, there must be a special day today.

Then arrived in Linbiao, checked the connections at the local train stations, as we didn’t want to ride through rush hour traffic into Kaohsiung. Actually it was going a little bit later then we expected from the information Google gave us, so wen to some traditional Taiwanese restaurant. Had asparagus with clams, tofu with century egg and steamed squid with rice. Wow!

Train ride was then easy, arrived in Kaohsiung and rode 3kms along some busy, motorscooter filled big roads to the hotel. Checked in, had a well deserved shower and went with a beer to the park around the corner to write the blog.

On the way back sat on bus stop for a last chill, planned the next days and went to sleep.

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