Day 18 – A daytrip to Buddha


Start: 10:45
Distance: 45km / Gained height 280hm

Half a rest day today, but actually that’s not really true.

Slept a bit longer, had quick breakfast at the convenience store around the corner and packed the bicycles lightly for a daytrip.

Rode to Fo Guang Shan park, first bit was interesting. Due to the lights being optimised for scooter and cars, you got with the bicycle to an average of 10km an hour. Constant stop and go. After a while we found a dedicated cycle way which was way much faster and super nice, along some buildings with very beautiful graffitis.

Then it got more rural along ananas farms and with some steep ramps. Arrived then at the Buddha land and discovered, that the main park that interested us, was closed exactly today.

So went to some souvenirsshops and visited the other touristic area to get a little bit closer to the museum.

In the end, this was quite an amount of walk along steep ramps, but along an amazing incredible huge area within an extraordinary big temple site. Had some fresh juice on the way, watched some monks enjoying theirs and found a sneaky path to get an overview of the museum we actually wanted to see. In the end, this may have been the better choice!

Then tried to get back to our bicycles, which wasn’t that easy due to the site being so huge. When we arrived, we were quite tired from all the walking, so we skipped the tiger and dragon temple and rode to Jiuqutang station to avoid riding through the rush-hour traffic.

Arrived at the main station, rode to a very kind bicycle shop in the near of our hotel, adjusted my headset and bottom bracket (thanks to the owner for borrowing me the tools for free!) and had a nice ramen around the Tuntex skytower.

Then went back to the hotel, had a shower, walked along the night market and sat at a local park to  write the blog with a finishing sushi.

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