Day 20 – Entering the dragon and coming out of the tigers mouth in Tainan


Start: 10:30 / Arrival: 17:45
Distance: 65km / Gained height 280hm

Left Kaohsiung for the Tiger and Dragon pagoda. Checked a couple of bicycle repair shops on the way, as I had tightened my headset a little bit too much. One shop was unfortunately quite unfriendly. In my world, you help cyclotourist as a shop – if you don’t help, you are only interested in selling – and not the cycling itself.

Then arrived at the pagoda, which is currently under renovation. Actually different than from what we thought. It was covered in scaffolding and looked even a little bit like the tiger and dragon were wearing a mask….but…it was walkable! Meaning that gave us good luck…

Just before it, there was some political demonstrator which seemed to be from Falun Gong. Bizarre…

Reminder to myself: I should write a blog entry about Taiwan and its recovering from the non existant tourism during covid. It looks now like Taiwan is preparing itself up, for a shinier future (in terms of tourism).

Then went to another pagode which had its time, but very nice charme. The temple featured quite a lot of funny oldschool vending machines.

Luck meanwhile had arrived and my headset loosened and was driveable, yes – no further service required…only the squeaking noise from my bags was annoying, but thats not something about functionality.

The ride itself to Tainan was ok, nothing spectacular, but still quite nice with industrial fish farms, wetlands and a road along the Taiwan strait.

Arrived in Tainan and checked in at our very nice hostel, hidden in some very small streets. Owner being again super kind.

Then went into downtown, Tainan has changed it looks. The Spring (by MVRDV), an old redesigned torn down warehouse is a super interesting and beautiful place to chill.

We ate at a very nice Izakaya later with super tasty food (the sashimi and fried tofu, yummy)…and then walked around lively Tainan afterwards – loads of young hip students and really nice design all around the streets.

What an incredible place to be!

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