Day 21 – Exploring Tainan


Distance: approx 20km, from record store to record store

As I knew, that the day would be spent long time in record shops, we went each one alone to explore the city.

I went to the shop I knew from last time and took quite a deep research on each record it had. Took me about 2 hours to go through them, all alone in a cellar of the used book store – with a super kind owner, who even remembered me from last time.

Sitting inbetween all this funky hi-fi equipment, going through the records with their nice historic smell – quite wonderful with the outside being super hot.

Bettina went meanwhile on foot through the city, exploring an abandoned building turned into a tree house, the Anping Old street and again to “The Spring”. Quite a long walk!

Then we met again, I handed her my records for the hotel and went to another shop that sounded “okayish”.

Arrived there and wow. Only one hour left before closing and it had quite a few records from my wantlist. Speed haul!

I also got to know Vicki, a talented musician from New York with Taiwanese roots, also digging in the store (wearing a Chess records t-shirt). Very pleased to meet you and your friend!

Then went back to the hotel, me quite exhausted from the haul and Bettina from all the walking.

Went out back again to chill at “The Spring” (where some live folk musician was accompanying the vibe) and then to a nice japanese restaurant with grilled food.

So much for the rest day….

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