Day 22 – Heyhey, here are the monkeys


Start: 15:30 / Arrival: 18:15
Distance: 20km / Gained height 180 hm

Had quick breakfast from the convenience store and brought my bought records to the 7-11 to mail them to my friend Kuan-You in Taipei, as I don’t want to carry them in the heat on the bicycle 😉

Postal service in the convenience stores is a super nice feature. Good available, fast and cheap (I paid 170NTD for around 12 records…).

Then took the train to Doulio, as leaving Tainan by bicycle can be quite boring and time intensive, with its constant stop and go due to the lights.

Arrived in the afternoon in Doulio, had a tasty quick snack and set of to Zhushan. Somewhere I thought “this could have been the place, where I saw some monkeys the last time” and then…well. They were there again!

Actually, even more than last time. They seem to be living in an abandoned building on the roadside and are in comparison to the other we saw quite conditioned to humans, as they are getting fed from passing people.

Some guy on bettlenut was also there feeding them with loads of bananas. Another scooterist meanwhile got a victim of food theft by them….so much fun watching them!

Then arrived in Zhushan, a small town on the way up to Sun Moon Lake. Checked in, went to a very nice Taiwanese restaurant and chilled at the park, listening to a concert that was taking place.

Then went to the hotel, fetched some sake and went for the next 7-11 (some of you may know why).

I tried playing Pokeman slot machine, but didn’t understood anything – so there wasn’t even one single match😂

Then on the way back we wanted to try the claw machines you can find everywhere around Taiwan. I decided to go for one with a Fake-Gameboy in it, spent 300NTD (10€) and now I know why these are complete money graves…

Laughing about this new knowledge we went back to the hotel and fell quite tired to bed…

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