Day 23 – Climb up to Sun Moon Lake


Start: 12:15 / Arrival: 17:15
Distance: 42 km / Gained height 780 hm

A day of climbing in the heat – after some Taiwanese breakfast we went up to Sun Moon Lake.

It’s just 40km, but the relevant part up to ~800hm happens in the last 10km. So we had some relaxed climbing (allthough in 30 degrees in the heat) at the beginning. Took a rural shortcut and came across awesome fields of dragon fruit, asian eggplants, citrus fruits (covered in strange white dust) and papayas.

After having a last break at a fruit tea shop we then went for the demanding part. Quite managable, but with loads of sweating…good thing is, that traffic at least is quite low.

The climb also had some amazing views on the green mountains ranges.

Arrived at the hotel, took a shower and went quickly out again, as on Sun Moon Lake all the touristic restaurants close quite early. Had a local mushroom dish and bamboo. Wow, taste being so different than back at home with the packaged bamboo…

Then chilled at the pier, went for a quick walk around the souvenir shops and finished the day with a very good bottle of japanese sake.

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