Day 24 – Around Sun Moon Lake


Start: 12:30 / Arrival: 17:00
Distance: 30km / Gained height 400 hm

Day started of with a little bit of logistics, planing the route, washing clothes and having tea egg rolls as breakfast.

Took it easily, as we just had to go around the lake. This time we took the clockwise round, starting of with the Wenwu Temple. Again I was approached by some old Falung Gong ladies, hm.

Then continued a little bit of climbing in beautiful green nature along the lake. Quite tropical, but in the mountains…

Cycled to Ita Thao, a touristic village with a lot of shops, but I bought some Ali Shan tea there. Also had something we couldn’t identify to eat there – tasty, but not the fried bean curd we thought it would be 😉

And also there: loads of old people from Falun Gong, bizarre.

Visited Xuan Zang temple, saw some gigantic spider webs and went back to Shuishe after a short stay at the tourist information centre..

Chilling at the pier some old lady from Belgium approached us and sat with us for a while. Quite interesting,  71 years old and travelling alone. Respect! She was really friendly and we gave her some tips for her further travel.

After taking a shower, we had unfortunately missed the closing of the restaurants (they close super early) – so had just some convenience store food in the evening.

After writing then the blog, we called it a day…



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