Day 31/32 – Taipei social

Departure is getting closer. Last days with meeting people :-/

We planned quite some days in Taipei, but time for all what we planned seems to run out. And as a side note: this is one of the downfalls of doing the island clockwise, you basically come from low populated rural areas into more dense populated towns to reach Taipei. Guess it was quite a good idea to have a day of before in Tamsui…to get the “counter clockwise feeling”.


Packing the bicycles and meeting Klaus Bardenhagen

Packed Bettinas bicycle in the morning. Allthough this took only 60 minutes – preparing a bicycle for the transport in the cardbox is always quite straining. In the early afternoon I then met Klaus Bardenhagen, who is a freelancing correspondent in Taiwan for German speaking media. After my first bicycle trip in 2018 around Taiwan, he has been quite some influential on me with his journalistic work, bringing Taiwanese politics and its significance closer to me.

So….met in a cafe and had some nice talks about my trip, “Verkehrswende in Taiwan” and the history of Mandopop and generally…nice talk, Klaus!

Being around 101 I then met up with Bettina again at the Design Museum, as I wanted to see that exhibition from “1982Kids” as well…the figures where just to kawaii.

Then went back to the hotel, packed my bicycle (something fell of the rear derailleur, grrr – so it took slightly longer) and went for a last snack at our beloved Ximen night market.


Visiting 天工開物/Techart

Slept a little bit longer, had some relaxed breakfast in the street and went of to meet Kuan-You at the Xue Xue Institute. On the way to the taxi, just found some stamp shops decoration, which was a good aged Doraemon alarm clock figure. Actually they were so nice, to sell it to me with quite a good amount of laughing on how could someone be interested in something like this. Thanks!

Afterwards visited the company where Kuan-You is working at, and again: these insights into Taiwanese companies are so valuable. He showed us his companies approach to digital installations and story telling. Learned so much – and what great work.

Later ate something together, went back to the hotel to pack everything and I afterwards went back out again to meet Kuan-You and having an really good deep talk, meeting in person the last time for this trip. Thanks my friend.


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