Day 30/31 – Exploring Taipei and crate digging for Mandopop


After arriving in Taipei, the bicycle trip has now ended. What an adventure!

During the day, we will mostly explore the city on our own the next two days – so much to do.

(after all the rural experiences from the bicycle trip, the city felt quite demanding, also to its size and noisiness)



Design Museum and record shopping in Da’an

Bettina went to the design museum at the “Songshan Cultural and Creative Park”. I meanwhile went record shopping in Shida/Da’an (finally found some Judy Ongg records!), also visiting Senko Issha – a store I had visited on my last stay, with a super kind owner. Drank some tea there and had interesting talks about music and Tomokawa Kazuki (which we are both fans of).

Then dropped my records at hotel, met Bettina and went together to the Par Store – some hip but very nice clothes and records shop.

Finished the day of with a meal from Ningxia night market.


Dihua Old Street

Bettina was heading for the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, which had a funny sport event before going on. I went by a shady taxi for a record shop in Wanhua I knew from the last time, had quite some hope in it, but the store changed completely, even his owner. Quite frustrated on the way back back I gave that messy but nice shop from Saturday another try – as there were some crates left, I was to shy too to dig in them. No luck there, but meanwhile some new records had arrived, which were on my wantlist.

Met with Bettina at the hotel and went shopping along Dihua Old Street, after checking out a tea shop. With so much shops there, it can be quite exhausting…Bettina was completely tired after it – so I went alone to the Ximen night market. Having passed it in the beginning of the trip, I already knew it’s not so great. And yes…quite disappointing. The food offering is not so great on the stalls, and there are more restaurants, visited by many many very young people.

Found another record store by accident there, but…I need to stop buying 😉

And at days end, some other sighting of someone using a public phone, while sitting in front of the 7-11.

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