Day 29 – Back to Taipei


Start: 12:00 / Arrival: 16:00
Distance: 38km / Gained height 206 hm

Left Tamsui after a nice Taiwanese breakfast where we had to park our bicyces sort of creative and went back relaxed along the river back to Taipei. Took a slightly different path then when leaving town. As said: the cycling infrastructure here is so nice and a must for everyone visiting the town. Just get an UBike!

When we arrived in Taipei it was still to early to checkin, so we took an extra round around Sanchong. The most northern bridge to approach it was a little bit of an experience, riding along the scooters…but the round itself was really nice, all with seperated bicycle paths. Also met an owner of a Japanese Level bicycle and took a selfie with him after a short chat.

Finishing the round we checked in at the hotel and I went for some other record shops near the hotel, south of the main station. One of them was quite interesting – sort of a mess (with 200€ Teresa Teng records standing on the floor, just beside my feet) but I found some really good records.

Then we went for some ramen and met with Kuan-You again. We had choosen a Kavalan whisky bar. After some great drinks went around the blocks (that was the old Japanese red light district) for some really good chat and street beer.

Quite late went home and fell to bed…


(oh btw: the sign on the last image says that this is the bar with the “answer to life” – actually we didn’t get into it)


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