Day 28 – Along the Tamsui


Start: 13:30 / Arrival: 15:30
Distance: 18km / Gained height 75 hm

After a slow start with a Taiwanese breakfast we set of for a relaxed route – checked the Tamsui cycling infrastructure.

Switched the sides with a ferry, that gave us a nice view on the two riverbanks. Headed north to some gigantic sculptures made out of sand – great combination with the strong wind that was going😂

Then went to a mangrove wood close to the pacific and turned back south. The cycling paths here are really nice, unfortunately some kilometers were under construction due to a “refreh”. That’s the downside of cycling infrastructure in very good state – there needs to be a time when it gets rebuild.

Shortly before Taipei we switched sides again over the Guandu Bridge and went back north to Tamsui.

There we walked slowly again through the old street with its food stalls and had some takoyaki, grilled shrimp and deep fried corn in a batter.

Quite some relaxed day and went to bed afterwards…


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