Trip #02 – Keelung – Tamsui – Taipei (2/2)


Start: 10:30 / Arrival: 19:00
Distance: 83km / Gained height 481 hm

Started of in the heat after some nice dumplings as breakfast. My daily goal was to find the Futuro houses in the 萬里飛碟屋 and see if they still exist – so pretty excited. Just before arriving I found some old boats, which I thought would be the houses brought to a scrap yard, but they weren’t.

Then arrived at the Futuro houses and wow…this was an absolute stunning visit. And why…why…did I just pass this in 2023 when I was going the same route. It’s just 500m off the road.

There are two kinds of old abandoned houses there, the UFO ones and others, which are also nice. The condition varies with both of them. From totally lost and broken, to refurbished or repurposed. One house was strange, redone with a Tesla in front of it, heat pump…and a couple of meters beside this green thing – some McLaren sports car (of course with a running engine for 5 minutes) in a garage.

Spent quite some time there and while exploring the park, only on the last house I found a sign, that taking photos is prohibited. Ouch…but sorry. Put this please at the beginning.

Around the area also other gems of abandoned-ness can be found. I have to return here during my stay more often for more impressions. This is so fantastic…also thinking about spending one night there on the beach, which is directly in front of it. Although I’m not sure, if this will be a little bit scary.

Then rode a little bit further to the “Yehliu Geopark” – had a small break, ate some giant sea snail with wasabi, went through the mini-mall…but again didn’t visit the park itself ;).

Continued riding along the pacific with a beautiful view on the sea on (often) dedicated infrastructure. Sooo relaxing. Then off to the “Linshan Cape Boardwalk”, which is a dedicated path through the national park, far off from the streets.

Found another huge abandoned building, which had already suffered a fire in parts of it on the last bit to Tamsui. Then back to Taipei while it was getting dark, with a little bit of head winds…

This was an amazing trip I will definitely have to cycle again.

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